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Brunswick Pool Table Singapore

BLACK WOLF PRO – S$8,088.00 (8ft) | S$9,295.00 (9ft)

Brunswick Black Wolf Pro pool table
Brunswick Black Wolf Pro pool table price from S$8,088.00.
  • Brunswick Certified Premium 1″ Slate
  • High Performance™ Nut Plate Construction
  • Super Speed
  • Cushion Rubber
  • Round Rail Sights Solid Hardwood Rails High Pressure Laminate over MDF Legs

The latest addition to Brunswick Billiards’ collection is the Black Wolf Pro pool table. Designed for serious pool players, this tournament-style table is available in two different sizes – 8′ and 9′, with the option of drop pockets or a ball return system, and the option to add a Brunswick Decal for a professional touch. It also features top-quality components such as Brunswick SuperSpeed cushions, powder-coated metal casings, and standard leg levelers, all of which enhance the overall playing experience.

Whether you’re a serious pool player looking to practice at home or a business owner hoping to attract pool enthusiasts, the Black Wolf Pro’s size options make it a versatile and practical choice.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring this exceptional pool table to your home or business – contact us today to get started!